Our Commitments

Our commitment to children: Every child, with or without disability, can learn and has the right to effective education. Our teaching approach emphasizes on understanding every child has unique learning needs and characteristics, and therefore, teaching should not be a one size fits all approach but rather, requires individualization. We believe that learner’s failure is instructor’s failure, and a good teacher will constantly improve and modify instruction to meet the unique needs of the learner.

Our commitment to families: Family involvement in every child’s learning is critical. We are committed to developing a trusting, respectful, and collaborative working relationship with each family we serve. Our goal is to advocate for your child together through partnership.

Our commitment to the Autism and ABA community: We partner with school districts and local communities to provide training workshops; we are sponsors for various non-profit organizations who serve children and families with special needs; and we participate in community services that support underserved families to access services. Our ultimate goal is to increase public knowledge of ABA and improve quality of ABA services in our community.

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